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On Her Majestys Secret Service, From Russia With Love, Goldeneye, Casino Royale You used to see Goldfinger more in Benedict Cumberbatch with robotic hands and a doctors outfit In this case, th. &quotCasino Royale&quot retains the series trademarks of beautiful, complaisant women in revealing outfits, hightech gadgets and some of the best stunts in the business, here orchestrated by director Martin. Seeing how Casino Royale &ampArray the 21st James Bond feature &ampArray electromagnet good for deflecting bullets, which Bond uses not only to unzip ladies dresses but also to retrieve a compress. The company is also trying to satisfy five women who want to buy a pair of the ittybitty blue swim trunks that actor Daniel Craig wore in &quotCasino Royale,&quot the latest James Bond film Quintessentially. The quintessential jetset Euro starlet, Ursula Andress was born in the Swiss canton of Berne She was also featured in Casino Royale 1967, a satirical foray into the world of James Bond, and gav. For the last Bond flick, &quotCasino Royale,&quot Brioni provided 25 suits for Craig and 15 or so identical outfits for his stunt man who recently was named a 2007 &quotBest Dressed&quot honoree by the Men and Wo. Martin Campbells Casino Royale, from a screenplay by Neal Purvis Lucy is trying without success to kick out a growly pickup that she has slept with, and so she dresses quickly and leaves him hurl. They all like the way the dresses are constructed with eight bones support were thinking up clothes for films such as Whats New Pussycat?, Thunderball, Casino Royale and Candy It was during th. Offending films listed on the groups Web site include &quotSpiderMan 3,&quot &quotCasino Royale clothing so that grown men see nothing wrong with pants that hang off their rumps Teenage girls have become t.