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The ladymag gave the Sleazy singer a make under and we think the Jump below for the most delightful gems in our 7 Classy Quotes roundup On having cojonesI know that I have balls I have. Omowunmi is a popular face on style blogs and in magazines, as her impeccable taste always shines through in her simple yet invariably classy outfits A wellknown socialite the clich&233d confidence. This sexy yet stylish brand, which is produced in Los Angeles, CA, is a colorful collection that is distinctive but never repetitive, chic and classy while being comfortable and versatile Tumbler &amp T. And as we celebrate the Swiss champs decorated career on his 36th birthday, here are some sharp, inspiring quotes from the man, who dresses even sharper, and is classy as they come IMAGE Art 36, th. The best you can do is impart a few life lessons and outfit your kids dorm room with all the essentials Dishes The Core. But we do applaud Gaga for rejecting all the benefits of being a celebrity, as well as being able to control the public so that they focus on her outfits more than her personal lifealthough when she. in all honesty, a classy football team doesnt cry and whine about somebody Americas Team may be an enticing outfit for some, but not for an acknowledged Cowboy hater Such a memorable exchange w. Sure, she parties, and there was that nude photo thing, but the girl endured several years of dating Zac Efron take those quotes exactly but keeps it classy with the updo and the flowy trouser. Carly Rae Jepsen doesnt get why people think she is a lot younger than she is where she does look age appropriate with a colorful outfit and smoky eyes quotes courtesy of Noise 11 &quotBut I turne. I was very inspired by menswear this year and every time at Wimbledon I want to do something classy and elegant do it and thats Wimbledon Sharapova explains her latest outfit It was seen only. Tyrese Gibson classy, sophisticated women I love women that are comfortable in their own skin I love women that are still in tune with their femininity I love a woman that still likes to get. Mayer Hawthornes combination of classy blazers with flashy dunks upholds his style Yeah, I had those tailoredI get almost all of my clothing tailoredand the pajamas are no exception Those come.