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She might not want people to think fashion is her main thing, but its hard to ignore Emma Watsons style prowess WireImage Getty 2 Wireimage Watson went the most casual to sit front row at. Throughout the Beauty and the Beast press tour, Emma Watson has been nailing her fashion choices She recently pulled off made the overall look casual and also like she might breakdance at any. Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, and Florence Welch all have great book clubs Though it started out as a casual social media endeavor, Reeses Book Club has turned into an Ins. In the spring, both Kendall Jenner and Emma Watson threw their support behind a risky trendthe skant The skirtpants combo is a little bit business, a little bit casual to celebrate the launch o. Other celebrities including Emma Watson, Gemma Chan category where lighter weight and functional fabrics in both casual weekend and weartowork styles for springsummer drove growth. At the same time, and probably less fun, like everyone else in Tonyville, Kim and Garcia must negotiate fashions new The designers also coopted incoming correspondence notes Emma Watson and Ell. The problem with such a sexist category, as Jezebels Tracy Moore explains Certainly feminism, propelled in part by celebrity feminists Beyonce and Emma Watson, is back in the zeitgeist, but how m. From Julia Roberts business casual gown to Sandra Bullocks pink, black and blue Prabal Gurung, many actresses were turning heads However, it was Emma Watson who dared to do the impossible and wear. Left The fabric in this casual checked shirt was woven by Right Pants to Poverty A few years ago, the British Fair Trade fashion retailer People Tree recruited the freshfromHarry Potter actres. We are huge fans of menswear in the PEOPLE StyleWatch offices, especially when it looks as good as it does on Emma Watson And were equally big fans of fashion risktakers went for a look simulta. Emma Watson chose a black strapless crushed ball gown over matching trousers for the London premiere of &quotThe Perks of Being a Wallflower&quot in September The notion of wearing a formal dress over pants.