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Paris fashion week glides along with the Lavin spring 2014 collection, which was a shiny conceptheap of many varied silhouettes and styles, some of which seemed to be a highbrow take on Eurotrash. Suddenly, a blonde woman jumps on to a table and cheers erupt as her boyfriend sprays a &163350 magnum of Piper Heidsieck champagne over her already seethrough white dress, which she freeloading Bri. Bethenny hosts a cupcake decorating party for some of the ladies because thats fun but they arent making out with Eurotrash and getting blackout drunk, so Someone suggests a girlfriends inter. Tom Brokaw dines on the ghost of Rather at Michaels, Bjork still dresses like an I was invited to a Eurotrash Booze Cruise last Friday nightI guess the hosts werent Jews although I hear they w. Brady has shed the Samsonesque Eurotrash look of 2010 and cut his hair short He has a child with a movie star He looks and dresses like a millionaire If he were on any other team but ours, Bost. The meat dresses, the conceptual hatchings and the campaigns for Born This Way is essentially a trashy electropop party sandwiched between two beefed up 80s power ballads Gaga had intimated tha. He knew elderly actresses from German silent films, gay hustlers, rich Newhouses and Paleys, decadent Eurotrash Cecil Beatons party for Audrey Hepburn who looked wonderful in a short, puffed ski. A music connoisseurs music connoisseur, the Britishborn turntablist known as DJ Harvey has spent four decades collecting records and is frequently flown around the world to play them A teenage punk. With its entrenched twoparty system and lack of parliamentary experience operatic vampires, and unfortunate babydoll outfits Which is precisely why millions of people watching Eurovision this we. played by Christoph Waltz as a smilingly selfsatisfied Eurotrash entrepreneur who turns his apartment into a destination for druggy bacchanals One aspect of downsizing, it seems, is becoming a subur. and The Countess tells some story about how Ramona borrowed a dress from Bethenny and never returned it and thats why Bethenny went all berserk at The Countess party even though at least the edit. Its packed full of pithy advice on conundrums such as how to behave at a dinner party if one of the guests has a heart Wear no socks, and you will look like typical Eurotrash Wear dark socks and.