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Everyday at 8 pm EST, Epic Games updates the Fortnite store with a new concoction of items Yet again, who would waste such money on such an inferior outfit when Snorkel Ops, the definitive best. Fortnite Item Shop for May 8th 2018 httpstcoNxpCkxMQqB pictwittercomg7sGvGGZTe fnbrco FortniteDaily May 8, 2018 Featured items Shadow Ops Outfit 1,500 VBucks Silver Fang Pickaxe. It includes a Switch, 1,000 Vbucks Fortnites ingame currency, and the Double Helix cosmetic set which includes an outfit, backpack, glider, and pickax The bundles comes out on October 5 and wi. and staying alive Fortnite Tier 100 Challenges how to level up the Ragnarok skin I always felt Archetype looked like this s. Evans, who had one year remaining on his contract, was second in command on the baseball ops side to Brian Sabean and the. The Tricera Ops outfit speaks for itself, and you dont really need a reason to want to run around Fortnite dressed as a dinosaur, but if you needed any extra convincing, it may interest you to know t. Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Is Live On Xbox One And PC GS News Update Destiny 2 Forsaken Xurs Location September 14th Fallo. Season 5s weekfour challenges are live in Fortnite, and that means new ways to earn Battle players can earn limitedtime rewards like cosmetic outfits and XP boosts Collecting 10 Battle Star. which when coupled with ludicrous outfits make for painfully cringeworthy pre and postrace taunts Its totally at odds. Its that time again for another daily Fortnite item shop update Keep it fresh with the new Sushi Gear and PANDA Team Leader Outfit These two skins will likely hang around until the next ite. The freetoplay Fortnites February 2018 revenue was $126 million Player Unknowns Battlegrounds made $103 million during the same month Consequently, Activision is dropping a hint that its upcomin.