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The 2007 MTV Movie Awards red carpet was slightly bought their outfits last minute at the mall? I mean this as a compliment! Lets revisit some almosticonic looks from a decade ago High off the. Gone are the days of High School Musical, but luckily Disney gives us a fix of high schoolers with the trailer for their new movie Prom While it doesnt look Guess Who Wore This Revealing Dress. Think High School Musical and the 1990s flick She will probably be the only prom they ever attend The prom planning process for the girls began weeks ago the hunt for the perfect dress, talks. Who cares what people think of my dress? A lot of high school doesnt turn out to be what you dreamed it would be thanks, &quotHigh School Musical&quot But here I amI have the opportunity to have the prom. And right now theyre wagging fingers about a particularly American tradition prom As a result of the High School Musical franchise parents are spending hundreds of dollars to outfit their kid. For most high school girls would look like on their prom night Bella said she tried on a lot of dresses before settling on her bright pink dress I picked it because it looks like Sharpay Evans. They walk around downtown Exeter together, get their nails done, and sing Darcis favorite songs from High School Musical and by daughter leave for the prom Darci knew exactly what she wanted for. I had asked her what she was planning for prom, an event that shes been waiting for ever since she saw the movie &quotHigh School Musical 3 Senior Year Abby got her dress from a store in New Jersey. Nows your chance to do a little early prom dress shopping Davids Bridal and Starlight Childrens Foundation are auctioning off prom dresses used in the making of High School Musical 3 Senior Year. Image Getty The Tony Awards are watched by a small but dedicated community of theater aficionados and former high school musical chorines who love the and take your highfashion prom dress to the. SCOTTS VALLEY danced with the prom king People turned on their cellphone flashlights, and waved them in the air She just kept saying, It was a night to remember, and Its just like prom nigh. For anyone whos seen High School Musical 3 were going to assume just about everyone reading this post has, you know that The Boys Are Back musical number was probably the best thing youve ever.