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New York Fashion Weeks official start is set for Sept 6 but Nike is trying to get the competitive edge, by presenting Harlems Fashion Rows style awards and fashion show on Sept 4 The dress code. Forget street style LeBron James headlinemaking wardrobe has men looking to help but notice that at a slim 62, Chen. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is known to be a man of fashion In fact, the 14time AllStar purchased a coordina. Following the fashion show will be an awards dinner honoring LeBron James, acclaimed stylist Jason Rembert, model and fashion. Elizabeth Wellington is the fashion columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer She covers celebrity style, popculture and the burgeoning local designer scene When grown men wear shorts suits, we like. iframe src&quothttpsglobalnewscavideoembed4250872&quot width&quot670&quot height&quot372&quot frameborder&quot0&quot allowfullscreen scrolling&quotno&quot&gt&ltiframe&gt &ltstyle&gtgnembedwrapperpositionrelativemaxwidth100%padd. It wasnt just a few of the teams star players or fashion plates wearing the designers or Chris Pauls sideline suits made waves in the world of style, this was a tsunami From LeBron James to J. 1 LEBRON JAMES AND NIKE PARTNER WITH HARLEM S FASHION ROW S AWARDS AND SHOW Two days before New York Fashion Week on September 6, Nike will present Harlems Fashion Rows style awards and fashion.