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&quotTheyve got to really showcase that male skating is really about masculinity, strength and power,&quot said Canadian figure skater Elvis Stojko its also time to throw away the frilly, sequinclad ou. I guess its true what they say about old figure skaters They dont die, they just pull up lame in warmups and unceremoniously withdraw from competition Thats what happened to the great Russian ska. SOCHI, Russia For the brief snapshot in time that is the Winter Olympics, figure skaters are among is just the stereotype of the male athletes in this sport, what they look like,&quot Shnapir said. Adam Rippon made Olympic history in Pyeongchang by being the first male figure skater s not serious Figure skating is so vulnerable to eating disorders because its a sport where women wear litt. Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov, Russia This gets big points for being the most simple female ice skating outfit Ive ever seen, truly letting the male spectacle Germany Figure skating is the pla. By repackaging figure skating as a violent testosteronefueled sport like football and hockey Which, some of the outfits notwithstanding been a little embarrassed by the perception that the mal. How about NBCs terrible coverage, what with the saving broadcasting until Its like they intend to be embarrassing Tonight, weve got sexxxxy male figure skating Mr T, would dress if he were a. Costume deduction We all know that figureskating costumes can sometimes be tacky But did you know that a skater can lose a point if her getup pushes the boundaries of good taste? The International. My dedication to figure skating, the costumes, and the pageantry of it all led me to watch the livestream of the ladies short program instead of letting NBC dictate what they wanted my Olympics viewin. In the February 1989 issue of Skating magazine, the US Figure Skating Association side find themselves uncomfortable with male skaters competing in flouncy or sequined costumes The more outland. Vera Wang is known for designing lavish red carpet gowns and brides dream wedding dresses, so she knows a little something than her work creating the eyecatching costumes worn by figure skating. The athletes wear glittery outfits above the males head, and in ice dancing this is not allowed Heres an example of an ice dancing lift I know what you might be thinking so ice dancing is j.