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Read on to learn where to party over Labor Day Weekend If your Labor Day Weekend is all about multicolored neon lights, f. including a new outfit that will help you find secrets, and new weapons that include the Crystal Shot and Blade Caster In ou. Kate went all out for the fancy dress DayGlo Midnight Roller Disco party, skating along in a green sequined top, bright yell. Chris Habanas playful party accessories 14karat hats topped off looks from lam&233 party dresses to cropped hoodies and sweats with bedazzled tassels there was even a fur coat with a neonligh. Artist, fashionenthusiast, and freethinker Kanye West attended rapper 2Chainzs wedding at the Gianni Versace mansion in Mi. BANGKOK AFP With soldiers closing down Bangkoks notorious gogo bars and tourists forced to sneak sips of beer from paper cups, Thailand is dialling down its raucous party scene out the plug. aliengreen biker shorts and an outfit complete with a black leotard thong, custom fishnets and matching neon lipstick The class was quickly transfixed by our leader as we swirled our hips while spra. A case in point Kim Kardashian stepped out in frozen yellow neon wig, and matching Lamborghini the neomint hue from Kan. Only in several scenes, including one where the 17yearold Grammy winner dances feverishly in the neonlit glow of a motel room sitting by a swimming pool and strutting in a knockout dress throug. The line transformed the ship completely, giving it a sleek black exterior with neon accents The public spaces within The. Lines are visible through their makeup, and the costumes are more conventional a wig, a dress Connection dance party on. They wore suits, dresses, wedding dresses Around 9 pm, the dance party started The north section of the square transformed into a nightclub with neon lights and a massive dance floor &quotAre we i.