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We reasonably think $50 and higher is likely by the end of 2018 URBN data by YCharts Urban Outfitters is the multifaceted parent company behind three differentiated and trendy mall retailers. The warmweather shoe is always a staple in Fall wardrobes, and Urban Outfitters has a unique collection of lust Related. Where we were Urban Outfitters has risen more than 35% this year, a big gain even by 2018 retail standards Where were head. Urban Outfitters NASDAQURBN is expected to be among the top with the digital penetration of URBNs retail segment sales exceeding 40% for the first time in Q4 2018 quarter ended January 2018. In the six months ended July 2018, the company opened a total of seven new locations, including three Free People stores, two. But if that doesnt suit your style, hop on over to Urban Outfitters and complement the new coat with He ugly cried when. Urban Outfitters, which belongs to the Zacks Retail Apparel and Shoes industry, posted revenues of $99245 million for the quarter ended July 2018, surpassing the Zacks Consensus Estimate by 156%. View original contenthttpwwwprnewswirecomnewsreleasesthinkingaboutbuyingstockinfacebookheliosandmathesonanalyticsincmicrontargetorurbanoutfitters300700899html SOURCE Investor. Meyer writes that fundamentals improved &quotsignificantly&quot in the first half of 2018, and that the quarter may deliver strong re. NEW YORK, NY ACCESSWIRE August 24, 2018 US markets plunged on Thursday Inc httpsrdinvestingcomnews?tickerGPS Urban Outfitters, Inc httpsrdinvestingcomnews?. Urban Outfitters, Inc NASDAQURBN Q2 2019 Earnings Conference Call August 21, 2018 500 PM ET Executives Oona McCullough Investor Relations Richard Hayne Chief Executive Officer Frank. Urban Outfitters reported secondquarter sales and earnings that catalogs and websites and 10 restaurants, as of July 31,.